War Dancer
War Dancer #1, Defiant

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Steelgrip Starkey
Steelgrip Starkey #2, Marvel
Valkyrie, Pencil and Ink, 2007
Deadly Nightshade, Blue Pencil, 2007
Sumia (from Lin Carter's Thongor), Pencil & Ink, 2007
Black Panther War Dancer
War Dancer and the Black Panther, Pencil, 2007
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four (One Minute Later), Pencil and Ink, 2007
Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane, pencil and ink, 2007
Tigra, pencil and ink, 2006
Tarzan head shot, pencil & ink, 2005
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl and Renno, pencil and ink, 2005
Marvel 2 in 1, The Thing and the Sub-Mariner, 2005
The Spirit (Western), Pencil and Ink, 2003. Color by Tom Ziuko
The Batman and the Shadow, pencil and ink, 2005
Sub-Mariner (for Dave Cockrum tribute), Pencil and Ink, 2004
Prince Valiant, Pencil, 2004
Elric of Melnibone, Pencil, 2004
Silver Surfer, Pencil & Ink, 2003
Avengers as Magnificent Seven, Pencil, 2004
Dejah Thoris, pencil, 2004
Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane, pencil & ink, 2003
Tarzan in the West, pencil, 2003
Young Tom Strong, pencil, 2003
with Jim Starlin
Warlock, Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, inks over Jim Starlin, 2005
Marvel 2 in 1: Warlock, Thanos, The Thing, inks over Jim Starlin, 2005
Dreadstar and Co., inks over Jim Starlin, 2005
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